I am a satisfied Evohome user, i have 7x HR92 and a floor heating control unit in my setup. The only thing that keeps bothering me is the (lack of) low battery notifications via email/app and especially the subsequent 'opening of the radiator', or as the local evohome support calls it; frost protection.
It has occurred 2 times during a holiday and most recently at night in the baby room, effectively pushing the room temperature to >30 degrees C on an already hot summer night. There was no notification on the Evohome hub during the day and the last time the batteries where proactively replaced early this year, so probably something wrong with the battery. Either way, we woke up with a crying baby and they notification was shown on the evohome hub and the radiator was full on. The HR92 itself was still functioning though, albeit almost out of battery.

Ideally I can disable the automatic opening of the valve when the batteries run out, but support advice me that that is not an option and also won't happen. Although i can't get an answer as to why 'frost protection' would be required in a home environment? So now i'm just looking for better options to get notified when there is a battery issues, so i can fix it before it goes in the frost protection mode. If there any solution out there to get a notification somehow? Either via email, text, in the Home app? If there is some notification other than the one i get on the screen of the Evohome? Any help is welcome!