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Thread: Evohome Home Controller Beep

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    Unhappy Evohome Home Controller Beep


    Since yesterday my Evohome Controller, which I have had since 2015, has developed a long loud beep noise.

    At first, I did the usual checks, of making sure it is sitting on its stand and that the batteries are charging. This didn't work, and so I have changed the batteries in case one of them is not charging. Again, this didn't work.

    Basically, what it is doing is every few hours it will send out one 3-4 second beep, then about half hour another one. There is nothing in the fault log, and I cannot deduce what is going on at all. As it is still summer, the heating has been off, but what I did do, is to turn it back and it is turning the heating on, and so it does appear to be working

    Does anyone know what is going on and why it is doing this?


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    I guess from the lack of responses that no one else has seen this problem. If a complete reset and reboot has not resolved it, you probably need to contact customer services.

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