Hi all,

I've had an evohome setup, with a Honeywell Opentherm gateway, for just over a year now, working fine with my old Ferroli boiler.

However, recently I had the boiler replaced with a shiny new Navien unit.

As best I can tell, in Opentherm mode, the Navien disables front panel control of both the heating and the hot water. However, the Evohome does not seem to send the necessary command that the boiler expects, so hot water remains disabled.

I signed up for the Evohome beta and it is now running on my Evotouch but this has not had any effect on the problem.

To solve the problem the boiler installer has loaned me a BDR91 and put the boiler in regular switched thermostat mode, which works perfectly but obviously I lose the benefits of Opentherm.

Is there anything I can do here other than hope that either the evohome or the boiler have their firmware updated to account for this scenario ?