I hope someone can help with stopping radiator warming unexpectedly.

I've just had Honeywell Valencia V120-15 valves and Evohome HR92s put on all but one of my 9 radiators over 3 floors served by a combi boiler. We have a schedule setup in the Evohome app and optimisation is turned on.

We are also using Control4 but this should be just an alternative interface, no additional instructions. An issue that may or may not be related is that it sometimes seems to get confused between (exaggerated) Fahrenheit[?] and Celsius readings. There room value do flick back. However the tiles consistently displays "49" for all rooms rather than a realistic temperature.

For three days now radiators in just 2of the rooms have been hot without any apparent need. The current and upcoming set point is (well) below the current temperature.
temperature-last-24-hour Office 2020-09-08.jpg
temperature-last-24-hour Studio 2020-09-08.jpg
Other rooms in the house have not gotten above 22 degrees.
When I check the HR92 position it says it is 00 (closed) and the controller says its not calling for heat (in the installation menu). Of course it could have gotten hot and already shut down.

I've re-run calibration on both. In the middle this I verified that the black wheel is turned fully clockwise.*
I hoped it was the optimisation settling down but its not getting better.

My only theory is that despite appearances, the valves are in fact open and that whenever another radiator calls for heat, these ones are getting hot water too.*

Any other explanations? What should I do?