To investigate my problems with Opentherm/Evohome and my new boiler (ref. in another thread) I decided to get an RFBee and UartSBee.

To my pleasant surprise, this took about ten minutes to get working. I flashed the Evohome Firmware to the RFBee, reset it and it started dumping out the RAMSES-II messages on the serial port. Using the documentation on gitlab I was able to manually decode the hex to understand the message. Since I am using a regular BDR91, an evotouch and a bunch of HR92s, the messages passing to and fro seem to be completely consistent with the documentation on the wiki provided by "evsdd".

Rather than me decode the hex values by hand it would be handy if there was a script/tool that would sit on the serial port and decode each packet as it comes in - and even better, allow me to generate outgoing packets. Does such a thing exist ?

My thinking here is to leave the evotouch in place to manage the heating, but to augment it with something like Domoticz which can log statistical information and also allow me to control the Opentherm DHW setpoint.