Today I published a free custom Alexa skill for Domoticz called StateReport that has a few commands that are useful with Evohome. It's described at

For the 'Thermostats' query, Evohome Zones are scanned to report the Current Temperature, SetPoint, and Override/Until-time (where relevant) of each TRV/zone.
The current server time is subtracted from the until-time to report back as a time remaining value. Your EvoTouch Controller Mode is also queried.
By subtracting the setpoint from the current temperature, heat-demand is mentioned as a Boolean true/false for each zone. You can therefore easily query if any zones in your home are calling for heat.

The skill also sorts results according to current temperature and calls out both the coolest and warmest zones in the house.

Saying "Alexa, ask StateReport about my Thermostats" gives a system-state summary, while e.g. "Alexa, ask StateReport about the Bathroom zone" drills down.