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Thread: Connecting smart water meter

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    Question Connecting smart water meter


    In an attempt to monitor our water usage more closely, I bought a water meter from ebay (sensusrf 640). I have an outside hope of being able to pick up its wireless transmissions to actually make it smart, but that's an extension! My initial issue is in trying to find the right connectors to connect it to my 15mm copper supply pipe. The external diameter of the threads is just over 33mm and the inside diameter of the pipe is approximately 25mm. I obviously need some form of reducer to take it down to 22mm or directly to 15mm but am really struggling to find the right part - can anyone help point me in the right direction? I've attached a couple of photos in case they help.


    Many thanks


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    It could be 1" BSP which is listed as having an external size of 33.25mm May be worth contacting

    Sensus UK Ltd
    3 Lindenwood Crockford Lane
    Chineham Business Park
    Basingstoke UK RG24 8QY
    Phone: +44 1256 372800
    Fax: +44 1256 707203

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