Hi all,

So I am about to install evohome upstairs in my home to all radiators. Also on the towel rails in the bathrooms.

I also have electric underfloor in each bathroom and was planning to control that with a bdr91 that supplies power to the existing thermostat. The thermostat remembers its last setting after power is cut, so I can safely set it to a high temperature and leave it there. The bdr91 would turn it on when needed and off when not.

My question was can I use the hr92 on the towel rails in the bathroom as the thermostats that turns on both the towel rail and the bdr91?

Basically if I set the bathroom to 25 degrees I want both the underfloor and towel rail to turn on until it hits that temperature. This is mainly because the towel rails and wholly inadequate to heat up some of these bathrooms on their own!

OR Is there any better way to do this? Any advice appreciated.