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Thread: Heat demand but low flow temperature

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    Default Heat demand but low flow temperature

    Hello. Not sure if other people see the same who use open therm connection. The other day I had two zones that had fallen 2 degrees below the set point, and the other 7 zones were at the correct temperature or near it. Looking at the system summary the two zones for heat demand where calling for 100%. However my flow temp on the boiler was room temperature and the boiler was not firing to increase this. Zones sat like this all afternoon untill others came on line that increased the flow temperature. This scenario usually happens when it's a warmer day than the previous day, the frustration is that it always affects our lounge and that becomes cold.

    I'm not sure there is any settings I can adjust for this problem?IMG_20201008_122920.jpgIMG_20201008_130232.jpg
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