Hi Iím hoping someone with a bit more understanding could help me out with my evohome set up.

Iíve had the system now for a couple of years all working fine, 5 radiators with HR92 evohome wi-fi controller and BDR91 boiler relay.

Recently we have had the underfloor heating manifold connected up and wired to the HCC80R controlling 4 zones. Each zone has a thermostat T87RF. The thermostat has been Bound using the left touch button and turning to Co then the corresponding zone bound on then HCC80R. The controller accepts Temperature changes from the thermostat/phone and ultimately fires up the HCC80R pump and boiler. Brilliant.

Now the problem is when the room has warmed up or schedule stops calling for heat the HCC80R shuts off along with pump but the boiler is still running. Green light is lit on the boiler relay BDR91 and the controller is showing 100% demand for the zones still (underfloor heating only).

Tested the RF signal and everything is linked with excellent signal. I have no idea what it could be now and have even tried different bindings. Radiators are all still working as should and stop calling for heat when scheduled.

Sorry for the long first post, Iím hoping that itís a silly mistake that somebody could help me with.

Thank you.