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Thread: Evohome in new house

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    Default Evohome in new house

    Hi all,

    I've just moved into a new house that has an Evohome system installed for HW and CH, but installed badly by the looks of it.

    We were having issues with the heating coming on when hot water is called, but we seem to have been able to resolve that by rebinding the actuators (the valve was working properly). We're now having the problem of the actuator not reliably turning on when we call for CH using the wireless control.

    I've found a few troubleshooting guides online but we're a bit limited as we didn't install the devices ourselves and have no documentation or guides to go with it.

    I guess my question is what steps could we follow to troubleshoot the system and get it up and running? I had considered getting an engineer in to just give it the once over but there are only 2 within a 10 mile radius and both are busy for the next 4-6 weeks. Would resetting the system and setting it up again from scratch be a good solution here? Or are there any obvious troubleshooting steps I could follow?

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    I would recommend finding out if the issues are caused by evo or maybe you have boiler/system issue.

    Resetting evo and rebinding wouldnt do harm, guides can be found on the internet. Evo support should help too

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    First thing I would do is a Comms check, which is easy to do. Also I'd check the system status when you think the Ch should be on (very long press on settings gets you to a hidden menu)

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