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Thread: Combi Boiler with Evohome and Zone Valves for UFH/CH

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    Default Combi Boiler with Evohome and Zone Valves for UFH/CH

    Hi all,

    I'm a little lost, and need some guidance please.

    I have had evohome for a couple of years, but only operating in a basic form, its now time to set it up properly.

    I have a Combi boiler and 2 zone valves, one for UFH in the kitchen, the other for CH (radiators in the rest of the house)

    I have 2 x BDR91's, one for each zone valve. For the UFH I have a T87RF as my thermostat, and for the rads I have HR92's. (except 2 towel rails - I do have HR92's for them, but neither have TRV's fitted at the moment, so that s a job for another day, and i also need to check that i have an automatic bypass valve fitted)

    I wasn't planning on using the evohome controller as a thermostat.

    I'm ready to start again with this, and set-up from scratch. I have a list of steps to unbind everything etc, so getting to that point is OK.

    What's best - guided install, or manual?

    If someone can provide the key steps to set this up for my use case it would be really appreciated.

    I'm not sure what it is I'm not getting, as I should be able to work this out for my self, but I can't...

    Up until this evening I have been running with 2 zones only, Kitchen (UHF) and Rest of House (rads), both zones set up as 'zone valves' and all was working fine (although may be not set up properly!)

    Trying to introduce the HR92's was the sticking point. I created a load of new zones with the HR92's in them, but getting them to use the BR91 to call for heat just got too much for me ;-)

    Any help, tips and guidance appreciated!


    Pic of junction box attached.

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