I installed Evohome last Autumn mainly because I was going on holiday and wanted to be able to switch CH on 24hrs before returning home. For this reason all my old conventional thermostatic rad valves are still in place and I'm quite happy with this at the moment. I also installed a wireless cylinder thermostat and BDR91 relay to control the hot water.

It seems to me that there must be an optimum efficiency temperature for the water to reach in the boiler - too hot and it will be cycling on/off or too cold and it will be continually trying to reach temperature. I imagine this is more important for an oil fired boiler such as the one I have.

Also does Evohome have any facility to measure the boiler water temperature? e.g. similar to the way it measures HW. Without this then setting the boiler temperature is totally reliant on the boiler thermostat settings which I don't think are very accurate.