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Thread: Evhome - wiring for Stored Hot Water and Zoned Heating

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    Default Evohome - wiring for Stored Hot Water and Zoned Heating

    I have had Evhome for just over a year and love it.

    The system is S-plan with a Worchester Bosch Greenstar 18Ri (which was pumped frost protection and overrun) but we have afternoon “Bangs” when the heating pump stops and so I will replace the automatic bypass valve as I suspect it is stuck - system is due for a good flush, clean and inhibitor. Anyway, whilst thinking about it, and on reading things here, I suspect the system is not quite right. All our radiators have HR92’s, yet there is a CH zone valve. I suspect we need the “Stored Hot Water and Zoned Heating” setup on Figure 4 on page 43 of the Evohome Installation Guide however whilst there is the schematic, there is no wiring diagram and I seem to be failing to find one Googling.

    So, wiring the BDR91 to the boiler I am OK with - that's in the installation guide. A radiator calls for heat and a wireless signal will fire the boiler. The question is really what about hot water? I have the wireless hot water kit, so how does it fire the boiler? Does it use the boiler switched live from the junction box or wireless to the BDR91 attached to the boiler? If wireless, does that mean the zone valve attached to my second BDR91 is just a valve and that the internal switch is no longer used?

    Hope the questions are not too silly.

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