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Thread: Evohome/Heatmiser for electric UFH and towel rail

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    Question Evohome/Heatmiser for electric UFH and towel rail


    I need some help picking the right bits of kit please.

    We've just added a loft bathroom and I'm concerned there is not enough heating for the coming winter. It's only just holding it own now before it gets really cold. There is:
    • 430W of electric underfloor heating, limited to 27C by the tiles.
    • 55W electric towel rail. The room needs 500-600W of heating according to online calculators.

    So we probably need a more powerful towel rail. Sadly a wet one isn't an option without ripping up the brand new floor. [I don't know what happened to the dual fuel idea at the start of the project!]

    Q1) Do you suggest an electric towel rail to supplement the electric UFH or do the majority of the heating?

    We have just put Evohome HR92s on all the other radiators.
    The UFH has a temporary Prowarm thermostat just outside the bathroom.
    The towel rail is currently set come on and off on at set times, with no temperature sensor. This is managed by Control4 puck switch which will provide an interface for it all in the end.

    Q2) If I wanted to add this bathroom to the Evohome system would this be the way to do it:
    • T87RF battery powered thermostat inside the bathroom,
    • bound to 2 BDR91s (1 for towel rail one for UFH),
    • linked to 1 RGF100

    Is that ok for electric UFH? Will it work?

    Would this enable separate control and use of optimisation of each element?
    Would it also still allow management by Control4 on demand/schedule just for warming towels when room temperature control is not/less needed.

    Q3) My supplier favours a Heatmiser hub to link to Control4 and thermostat outside the room for the UFH which would be cheaper. Is there merit in this? What about the temperature sensor and activator for the towel rail?

    Thanks for any input you can give.

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    Can anyone advise on my query above?
    Is a BDR91 ok for electric underfloor heating?
    Can two BDR91 be paired with one T87RF and one RGF100 but ideally controlled separately and with additional automation by Control4 too.
    Will I still need the Prowarm thermostat as well as the BDR91 to set the UFH temperature limit or does the Evohome Controller do that instead?

    or Heatmiser?
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