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Thread: Evo Home HR91s all showing the same temperature

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    I couldn’t find a resolution with them. I tried several times to get Honeywell c/s to engage with it, but they just didn’t seem to care at all. Got very snippy about me requesting RMA, and just weren’t interested in getting to the bottom of it. Replaced them with HE92s, which immediately worked as expected. So there is clearly some issue with at least some HR91s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackBroer View Post
    Hi to all,

    I have a similar situation:
    One of the Evohome zones is a small apartment within my home. In this zone I have 3 HR91 Radiator valves and 1 Honeywell Round wireless thermometer.
    The Round wireless is used as the central thermometer for this zone. This works fine.

    I recently installed a HGI80. Now that I see all the information coming in via the HGI80 I see that the 3 HR91 devices all have the same ID.

    Because they all have just 1 ID, Domoticz displays only one device. But in the graphs of this odd device the temperatures of all 3 of them are shown. The graph is messy.
    Attachment 1802

    If I zoom in on it, you see that the temperatures of the 3 HR91 devices are all in the same graph.
    Attachment 1803

    The Round Wireless does show a smooth line.
    Attachment 1804

    Although the set point line looks smooth, it is also the set point line from 3 devices. They are now in 1 zone, so they have the same set point, but before I tested them in separate zones and then they also showed 3 set point lines in 1 graph.
    In the situation with each HR91 in a separate zone they all show the same, but irregular, temperatures. That really looks like the situation that was initially described in this thread.

    I already unbind them, removed the batteries, recreated the zone etc. But each time they come back all having the same ID.

    I think it is caused by a batch of devices with all having the same ID. For me it is to late to return them and get a refund, so I'm looking for another solution or workaround.

    Who can help me "separate" these devices?

    With regards,

    Jack Broer
    A few questions:

    How is the zone containing the multiple HR91s setup on the Evohome controller, is it a multi or single room zone?
    Is the zone working OK on the Evohome controller?

    I haven't done any testing of Domoticz in multi HR91 installations as I only have 1 HR91. I'm wondering whether the HR91s might be behaving differently from the HR92/80s which Domoticz was developed for. If you're able to capture the raw messages via the HGI80 either from a Domoticz evoraw.log or directly from the HGI80 serial port, this would help with troubleshooting and confirm whether they do all have the same device IDs or if it might be a Domoticz issue.


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