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Having stripped down an HR92 twice to repair it (from toddler damage) I would not recommend stripping them down just to paint them. It relies on a series of very flimsy plastic interlock clips to hold it together and it is VERY easy to snap one of them. Even though I was careful and have a lot of experience repairing electronics I still managed to break one of the tabs during disassembly (partly because it's hard to know where they are until it's already apart) and ended up having to use glue during the reassembly. They're not built with disassembly in mind.
Thanks, I did briefly look at the practicality of opening one to change the orientation of the screen and then soon gave up when it seemed like I wouldn't be able to easily do it without breaking something. It would be hard to get a good finish with the painting in certain points like the hinged display though, although it it was fixed in position with the little angle adapter it could be less of an issue.