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Thread: Port Nest heat link wiring to BDR91

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    Default Port Nest heat link wiring to BDR91

    I have installed at the moment Nest Heat link but I'm going to remove in favour of the wireless relay BDR91. I have a combi boiler.

    The heat link wiring at the moment looks like this


    Simply I have in the heat link N & L and then the switch. There is also the ground to the left but we can ignore in this specific case

    What I do not understand is why the BDR91 has two L instead Nest has only one port for the L.

    According my understanding of the diagram for the combi boiler I need to connect the L of the Heat Link to the first L to the right of the BDR91 and then make a bridge as reported between the first L to the right and the second L In the middle.

    Is it right?

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    See this video for an explanation. The 2nd L terminal is just for if you need to switch a 230V device instead of a 24V one.

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