So I have had my system for coming up to 12 months now and I am still getting used to the quirks of it.
So If I press the Quick Action setting for ECO which says it reduces all temp settings by 3 degrees this does not completely work.
I find that any of my 18 HR92's that are set to a temp of 16 degrees or lower do not do anything!
It that zone was at 17 degrees it goes down by 3

Am I missing a trick in the settings somewhere? I am on the current general public software

It really would be nice to have some adjustment on the amount of reduction i.e. more than 3 degrees which might be a good value in a modern well insulated house but my place is built 1850 so the closest it gets to cavity walls is one section that is lathe and plaster on the inside and out, but then its externally tile hung as well so that does partially defeat wind-chill.