Just placed a huge order with the EvoHome Shop for my new house, after getting to grips with the existing set up (Danfoss controls).

Comprises of:
16 x DTS92E Room Thermostats (I chose these as they will cover removed Danfoss thermostats better than T87RF)
4 x HCC80R UFH Controllers
1 x HCS80 Extension Module
1 x HR914 Radiator Multi Zone Kit (Kieran recommended these over HR92s for towel rads)
2 x ATF600 Wall Mount Kits
1 x Evohome Connected Modulation Pack
1 x Evohome Connected Thermostat Pack
1 x ATF500 Hot Water Kit
1 x Honeywell High Limit Pipe Thermostat
2 x Honeywell 28mm N/O Motorised Zone Valves

Going to have 2 controllers handling 23 zones: 19 UFH via 4 manifolds, 4 towel rads. OpenTherm with weather compensation implemented by my custom firmware on an OpenTherm monitor, reading external temperature sensor.

DHW priority, closing N/O valves on UFH and radiator circuits.

Removing existing Thermostatic Mixing Valve, which was set at 75C when I moved in (!) as I will limit the max OpenTherm flow temperature. Install a High Limit Pipe Thermostat to cut the UFH pump on over temperature, just in case.

I learned from Kieran at the EvoHome shop that the controller was updated this year, requiring a different wall mount kit, ATF600 vs. ATF300 before.

Looking forward to having Evohome again!