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    Smile Voice Control the £20 way

    Iím fascinated by voice control and the possibilities around using a smart speaker, in my case an Alexa. It would be very easy to buy a bunch of smart plugs & bulbs etc, but then Iíd have two systems, and I love the reliability of Cortex (I still run mine on a Win XP, itís been going over a decade).

    Not having a clue how to integrate the two in a programming way, Iíve gone down the hardware route which I thought Iíd share in case you were interested. (forgive me if you do this already!)

    For £20 I can now control 4 Ďthingsí with my voice! I bought this off Amazon:


    Itís basically 4 relays that you can control via Wi-Fi. Except you can also control it via an Alexa skill, which means you can set up routines with Alexa and say any words you like to set the routine going. It's powered by an old phone charger.

    Iíve connected the 4 relays to some spare inputs I had on a QRI Din module, told Cortex they are buttons, and anything you can control via a button I can know control with my voice. If I want more than 4 actions, I may buy another, I still have some spare inputs!

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