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    I've just read which is a really interesting read if you are into home automation. The followup is interesting too.

    I agree with a lot of his points, even if it doesn't convince me to move to a Home Assistant solution. It did get me thinking though. I like the way the Zigbee units work - one of the hassles with a wired system like idratek is getting the cables to the modules, which may be easy enough in a new build, but is a pain for those of us with a period home. What would be nice is a way round this; specifically a way to wirelessly bridge the idratek data network. At the moment all module need an idratek data cable carrying 12v power, data and audio using a cat5 twisted pair cable. Of the eight connectors in this cable only the data pair must be connected back to the idratek network for most modules to function. The 12v can be supplied locally and the audio isn't used by most modules. So if the data could be connected via a wireless link then idratek network "islands" connected back to the main system could be setup. Since the data link is relatively low speed this can't be that difficult for modern electronics.

    This would transform installation. Garden offices could be connected up, so could ponds, waterfeatures, greenhouses and so on.
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