Hi everyone,

My first post so go easy!

This is for information for anyone else maybe having the same issue.

Last week I installed Evohome with 4 HR92's.

I found that the 4th zone would drop to 5 when Optimum Start kicked in and 35 when Optimum Stop kicked in (the default maximum and minimum setpoint when installed). My schedule called for 22 when on and 15 when off (as such). I tried resetting the whole system, swapping HR92's between rooms, re-binding different HR92's but whichever HR92 was assigned as the 4th zone this issue would happen. I had turned off Open Window Detection and no Window icon was appearing when dropping to 5.

I looked at my firmware and it was so I started looking at the post on here about this Beta version when I noticed a known bug was about a Setpoint issue which had been fixed in

I emailed customer support and they pushed this newer version of firmware and now all is well. Now it may be the firmware fixed the issue or just the process of updating it fixed it, but none the less, it's now fixed for me.

I had been searching for this issue but I couldn't find the exact answer here so I thought if I share my experience it may help someone in the future.

Best wishes,