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Thread: Combi boilers to work with Evohome

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    Quote Originally Posted by G4RHL View Post
    DBMandrake’s detail on the hydrogen issues has triggered memories. Some of you will share them. Memories of the introduction of natural gas in the mid 1960s. Existing systems had to be converted to handle it. Ovens and boilers. New gas pipes laid all over the country. Roads dug up everywhere to lay or replace gas pipes and massive gas mains cris-crossing the country being laid underground, easements being negotiated and paid for to the farmers. It was a massive undertaking taking several years and costly.

    Now would you fund that or provide massive grants if there was an alternative system already in place? Everybody already has an electricity supply. Methods of producing electricity are getting cheaper. There is surely an obvious solution waiting to be picked up, if has not already.
    That's a great point.

    Installing the original natural gas network would have been quite an upheaval and a major project, but the dividends were obvious to anyone involved - the comfort and convenience of gas central heating vs what was available before. (Expensive electric radiators or a coal fire place in the living room ?)

    To the average household there was a clear benefit to the switch. Switching from Natural gas to Hydrogen doesn't have the same benefits for the end user - in fact it has disadvantages. You're being told to replace your Natural Gas boiler for one that can burn Hydrogen so you can get..... the same functionality you already have ? So that the Government can reach towards their CO2 emissions targets ? Telling the population they have to ditch their old boilers for a new type that they will see no real benefit from is a hard sell.
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