Hello Everyone,

As this is my first post I'd like to thank those stalwarts who have been posting here for many years - you know who you are ! The knowledge and insight you've shared has been invaluable.

The basic question is can anyone give me an insight into the information available with a LAN2RF and its interface to Domoticz or similar ?

A little background - I've had a freestanding Evohome system (wifi controller and HR92s) for the last two years and have recently replaced the boiler with an Intergas Xclusive 30 as system boiler. I've installed the DHW kit and boiler control is by BDR91. The system is configured as a modified X-plan with DHW priority, all controlled by Evohome. I also intend to implement Intergas weather control on the boiler when I have a better understanding of what I've got now. Evohome is linked to Domoticz giving me insight into the characteristics of the rooms and Evohome's behaviour on a real-time and historical basis.

I'm now trying to fine tune the system for maximum economy. The key information I want is boiler return temperature on an historical basis.

I can find little information online about the LAN2RF.

What I have found suggests it could be linked to Domoticz a number of years ago, but can it now and does it work?

The Intergas video on how to bind to the boiler uses the supplied Honeywell Round Thermostat to do this, and therefore control the boiler. But I don't want this - that's Evohome's job. Is there a way round (pun intended) this ?

The main purpose of the LAN2RF seems to be the ability to control the boiler via an app (which since the change to a new app version appear to be buggy to say the least). This is irrelevant to me. As is information on a snap-shot basis since I want to balance room comfort with the boiler flow and return temperatures with the aim of keeping the boiler in condensing mode as much as possible.

Will a LAN2RF give me the information I want in a suitable format?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Best regards