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Thread: Evohome Xclusive 30 Domoticz - Should I get Intergas Gateway LAN2RF ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaronMole View Post
    Tap Water Temperature (TWT) from the LAN2RF is Heating Return Temperature (HRT)
    I'm pretty sure it isn't. What's you're calling tap water temp is exactly that. Heating return is something completely different.


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    Good morning guys,

    Am writing this a bit red faced -thanks for your replies and of course you are right and I was barking up the wrong tree. I'd thought that the TWT sensor would measure the water temperature so without water..... Thanks to your explanation I now understand that it's just measuring the temperaure at it's location which might look like return or flow temperature but is neither - it's just the ambient temperature at its location, which will be TWT when the boiler is supplying HW.

    Have edited previous post to say it's wrong.

    Thanks again for your time and input.

    Regards Michael

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