Hi all,
I have just moved from Nest to Evohome, after a few years on Nest it seemed to me that remained quite behind the newer systems and I had the feeling that it wasn't working too well lately.
I'm still waiting for the last 4 HR92 to complete the zones but in the meanwhile I have a couple of questions for people with more experience on this system.

One thing that I'm missing is some information that is telling me a) that the heating is on, and b) why it is on.
For example, in a situation like this one:


all temperatures were quite higher than the setting, but the heating was still on.

Another thing that I don't fully understand is the management of the schedule. Look at this situation later in the evening:


At 11PM, two areas indicate a setting of 15 degrees, but in the schedule, that temperature is set starting from midnight:


Why is this happening? Is it because I have enabled the smart function saying to get the temperature by the time indicated in the schedule? On Nest there was the same function, but it was not for switching off the heating, it was used to know how much before the heating had to be switched on to get the set temperature. Beside, it was not changing the schedule... Am I missing something here?

One question about the custom schedule: I see in the app that there is the possibility to select temporarily a custom schedule, but I can't see anywhere how to set it up. Where is that? Is there no possibility to edit the schedule from the honeywell website?

I am installing Domoticz, on windows it works fine, but I was trying to install it also on my NAS with no luck at the moment, the service is not starting for some reason that I can't understand.

Well, thank you for any suggestion you can give me!