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    when adding additional temperature and humidity monitoring, ie roof space or outbuildings - is it best to add another floor, put them in the "house" object or anything else? We will have a PIR on a couple of sensors so am thinking of adding some sort of email warning or something if a trigger happens while the house is in sleep mode? Possibly thinking of some PIR control and flood lights as well. So best to keep them in their own logical area? Thanks

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    we've kept them in their own logical areas - ie: in the Loft, in the Shed, etc ...

    only complication we have is that the shed is actually a gazebo - so no doors ...

    we've thought of creating virtual doors, but have yet to do it ...

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    To some extent it depends on the nature of the automation you want to implement. If you want to do lighting automation using the Cortex pre-canned functions then typically you would connect the PIR output to the room occupancy input and it is then the room occupancy logic (together with other relevant conditions) that lead to the light coming on or off. In this case the PIR signal will affect the room occupancy and implicitly the house occupancy state. However if you simply put the PIR object on a floor or in a room but don't connect its output to the room occupancy input then the PIR output can still be used to trigger other objects directly but will not cause the house to become occupied.

    On the other hand, button objects are implicitly connected to room occupancy logic if the button object is placed in a room object, but not so if placed in the house object or a floor object. So for example if you want to set up some 'virtual buttons' for some reason then best not to put them in a room unless you deliberately want a virtual button press to cause the room/house to register occupied.

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