Hi there,

I would like to get your opinion related to this issue I have.
My ACV heating system is times to times getting an error message "B30" which means "T2 - T1 > delta max", meaning the delta between departure "hot" water temperature and return "cold" water is too big. In other words that means that the heating system is sending hot water but returned water is to too "cold", ... and that happens when only 1 or 2 of my 9 heaters are used, and linked to the fact that the HR92 is not opened enough, and therefore there is not enough "hot" water coming back to the heating system.

The issue is not happening when I open most of my HR92's, or I replace one of my HR92's by a standard thermostats valved open at 100% for example.

I would like to know if this makes sense and if there is a setting to be done on the HR92 so that for example it opens quicker than usual when there is heating demand for example ?

Many thanks !