Hi All,

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but how is it "best" to represent a blind / Curtains / Roller doors in Cortex?

I've recently installed a motorised roller blind that I've got controlled via a Rest API - but I want to show this in Cortex / be able to fire the "Open" and "Close" commands based on the object in Cortex.

How's best to do this?

Similarly - I've got a garage roller-door setup (which I've had for a while) which uses an SLH to "pulse" the garage door opener and a Digital input connected to a Mag-contact that shows the door open/close state - but this clearly then means I've got 2 objects in Cortex: a "Roller door state" and a "SLH Toggle Garage Door". What I'd prefer, is 1 "Garage door" object that has Open/Close controls just like a light object that has on/off and shows it's state.

Any advice?