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Thread: X10 LM12U/AM12U/TM13U Free to good home

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    Default X10 LM12U/AM12U/TM13U Free to good home

    Having a tidy out and have found 4 x LM12U lamp modules, 3 x AM12U appliance modules and a TM13U. All working as far as I recall/am aware and seems a shame to bin them if someone can still make use of them.

    Free to anyone either to pick up (Near Hereford) or if postage is covered (Probably about 2 Kilos in weight). Would prefer to gift as one item but will split if no interest.

    They have been stored for some time so no guarantees they will all work.


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    Did they go ?
    Iíd love them
    Canít Collect though, as I am in Jersey
    But I have a UK address I can give for postage

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