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Thread: Help with an odd heating system...

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    Default Help with an odd heating system...

    Hi All, first post!

    I have a bit of an odd heating system which I would like to upgrade with smart controls but I'm struggling to figure out which system will meet my needs. I have spoken to (or attempted to speak to) a number of manufacturers but I'm not getting much help from them. I'm sure this is fairly simple to resolve but I'm struggling to get my head around it.

    I have a long, thin single storey house which is split onto two halves, each half has a HW tank, heating system, controller and thermostat. All of that is fed by one large oil fired boiler. The HW tanks and controllers are situated at either end of the house and the Thermostats are wired and situated at each end of a corridor that runs the length of the house and are probably 20yards away from the HW tank/Controller.

    I currently have 2 x Honeywell ST699 controllers and 2 x Horstmann HRFS1 programmable stats which I fitted some time ago. I control the HW with the programmers and leave the heating on constant and control it with the stats. It all works reasonably well but the stats are a bit limited in what they can do and obviously they don't have all of the benefits of being connected and having app control etc.

    The priorities for me are to have wireless room stats that are battery powered that I can easily move from room to room (like I have now), I realise connected rad stats would probably be better but I have 25 radiators in total and apart from costing a fortune, thats a lot to connect to one system. Connected controllers would be nice but all the systems I have looked at require two separate app log-ins which need to be controlled as they were two different houses. I don't really want that and I'm sure geo-fencing will only work on the active log in at any point in time.

    From what I can see, it looks like 2 x Hive single channel receivers may do what I want but I can't figure out 100% if that is the case. I know this doesn't give me HW control which would be nice but I'm not hugely bothered by that, the vast majority of my oil usage is heating.

    I'm sure there is a simple solution to this somewhere but I'm getting a bit lost in this minefield and when I explain my system to any of the manufacturers they just metaphorically shake their heads at me and walk off.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Why not two Evohome controllers, for each end of the house? Then you can decide if you want to add radiators controls or not at a later point. For now each can be controlling its own HW. A single app will control both. The advantage with Evohome is that although you will have two controllers, they can both be paired to same relay boxes in case you have common valves etc that need to be switched on.

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    2 single channel Drayton Wiser controllers should work in that situation I think. I have a 'comparable' system in that I have one large thermal store which feeds 2 sets of heating pumps and also my DHW. I use 1 controller for downstairs and one for upstairs as, from recollection, I couldn't have as many TRVs as I need connected to a single controller - plus I need to control 2 pumps with zero volts which I can't do with a 2 channel Wiser controller without messing with external relays etc.

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