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Are you sure it is not the frost protection working. I know someone has said that if you turn it to off, frost protection is disabled but the instructions state that it will still work if the heating is on.
Did the HR92 you put in the other room stay off or did that heat the radiator in the other room.
Also when you removed the HR92 from the radiator, did you do the reset on it by winding the black knob fully open before refitting the HR92. This is because it will do a cycle check after it has been refitted.
Apart from that I cannot suggest anything else.
The one I have set to off, stays off and the radiator does come on, but the room never gets below 5c so maybe that is why as that is the frost protection trigger temperature.
It is the frost protection working as it overrides the TRV setting which is off. The radiator remained off in the other room but it would as it’s temperature would never go down to 5C. As to the back knob yes! Indeed it is now fully turned to close, the HR92 is off the radiator and the radiator is stone cold. I need to take care though, for frost protection is there for a good reason.