Hello all,

Hoping someone here has seen this before. I had 8 HR91s installed to separate rooms in August last year, and only now am I noticing some oddities.

The main issue is that two of the HR91s are only partially working:
  • If I request a raise in temperature for that zone either via my phone or the central controller unit, the HR91s will open, but the boiler does not turn on.
  • I am pretty confident that the radiators open because if I then call heat to one of the working HR91s in another room, then both the problem room and the working room will heat up.
  • The central controller and my phone both report changes in temperature accurately so there is definitely communication taking place
  • I have experimented with turning the Open Window setting on and off, but it doesn't seem to make any difference, as I thought that could be interfering but doesn't seem to be

The other 6 HR91s all behave as I would expect, and there doesn't appear to be anything in the settings that differ between these and the two problem ones.

Thank you for any advice