Yesterday evening we noticed that a radiator had gone into window open mode, even though there were no windows or doors open. Could only get it back to normal by setting the cancelling a manual overide. Later that evening, noticed that the radiator was very hot even though the room was at set temperature 21deg. Looking on controller it showed a manual override to 21deg even though none had been set. Cancelled override and went back to schedule which was 21deg.

This morning got up at about 5:30 and found that the controller appeared to be showing the temperatures that were scheduled for about 8:00, but also with a manual override on the same radiator for 21deg. Checked phone app and this again showed a manual override to 21deg. Cancelled the override via the app and the override icon disappeared but temp was still showing as set fo 21 deg. (the schedule should have been at 15deg and the first change of the morning should have been to 19deg). Other rooms were still showing values that were scheduled for later in the morning. Was contemplating a power reset of the controller and the unreliable HR2, when suddenly all values went back to normal overnight temperatures. Unfortunately I had not gotten around to nothing the time display on the controller, but even if wrong it would not explain the other behaviour. 2 hours on and normal morning schedule has started okay, so reluctant to mess around until house is warmed up for the day.

System has been working for several years with only the occasional issues reported by others on the forum in the past as known design disappointments. Any ideas?