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Thread: HR92 gone to the dark side... anything I can do?

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    Default HR92 gone to the dark side... anything I can do?

    System has been working fine for 2.5 years

    The control Panel informed me it had comms fault with one of my HR92's
    Went to investigate and found it was almost impossible to read the display.
    The only way to read is is with the backlight on and looking at it directly.
    Slightly off angle or without the backlight and all the LCD digits and symbols etc are black. Sort of as if contrast has been turned full up or something.

    Batteries, only a couple of months old were showing as empty.
    It was also emitting a very high pitch whine which changes pitch depending on if the back light is on or not.

    Changing to new batteries didn't change anything, although the battery did show full after did it a few times, showed various random values other times. contacts are pretty solid.

    Reset comms fault on control unit, however communication is still very iffy.
    control unit showing temperature a lot higher then it really is, and only occasionally notices a temperature change on the actuator, actuator seems to ignore control unit
    motor still works.

    Actuator seems to think it is bound ok though.

    due to its usual location the actuator is never really manually changed

    any thoughts on what can be done, or is binning it (well recycling) my only option

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    You. Can try a reset of the HR92 and then pair it again otherwise it sound like the Grim Reaper is calling it.

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