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Thread: Alternarive solution to Evohome hot water sensor lost comms error

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    You have a different problem than the common lost comms issue. Also the lost comms is an issue with the CS92A and not the BDR91. You should get a clear two way RF test signal from the BDR91 itself.

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    A flashing red light on the BDR91 means it is either not bound or has lost comms with the Controller.

    I would fix this first before worrying about reliability of the CS92A, clear the bindings on all the BDR91's and start the binding process in stored hot water again.

    Do this by holding down the button on each BDR91 for more than 15 seconds until it shows a fast blipping flash of the red light (bindings clear) and change stored hot water to none in the installer screen to clear the relay bindings on the controller side.

    Then go back into stored hot water to bind your CS92A and both relays when prompted. You'll need to program your hot water schedule again afterwards, but room schedules will remain.

    And yes I agree, the red flashing light on the BDR91 is not the hot water sensor lost comms issue that this thread was originally discussing.
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    thanks - it does seem to be the case

    oddly there is another bdr as stated for the heating that has zero issues - I do have a spare bdr91 so will swap out and try again


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