Good morning all.
I have had look around and can't seem to find any thread covering my query.

I'm trying to find a system that is modular, or multi purpose from the get go.

A smart light switch that:
1. Is a fully functioning wall switch for manual use
2. Is a smart unit to allow remote use
3. And is also monitored as an input for IFTTT or similar.

Scenarios would be:

Replace existing single gang wall switch for rooms 240v lights with a two gang switch, one for the ceiling lights (smart compatible) and one to activate, for instance smart plugs or similar for auxiliary lighting.


One switch, that does the ceiling lights, and sends a command to activate the smart plugs etc all in one.

Something that doesn't require a hub ideally.
Something ideally available in 1-3 gang
Can support 2 way switching
Doesn't look like it's off the startrek enterprise..

I don't mind if they are pre-manufactured or modular like grid switches, where you could but a input only switch, smart 240 switch etc.

Something can be butchered together using Quinetic switches, but that means JB's and isn't really retrofit. And if your going down that road, you may as well just put a BMS in.

Many thanks