I just discovered that the Evohome OT Bridge will respond to quite a wide range of OT Commands over its radio.
One of the more useful bit of information is Outdoor Temperature.
I am keen for someone who has a natively OT compliant boiler with an Outdoor Temperature sensor connected to test my latest Domoticz change. You will need an HGI80 or similar to test this.
You will also need to update Domoticz to the latest beta development version.
I have added a Log message that displays the Outdoor Temperature that I calculated using the data the OT Bridge got from the boiler. I just need to see some of those messages.
My own boiler is a Vaillant that doesn't support OT but using the VR33 it does allow an OT device to be connected. I can see Outdoor Temperature data being returned. Using that data, I have correlated the data received back to the Temperature by comparing what the Vaillant reports as the Outdoor Temperature and what the OT Bridge is reading.
But I would like more information before I commit that change. The Evohome controller has, in the past, never queried the Outdoor Temperature. Even when weather compensation was introduced it still didn't retrieve the data from the Boiler. I want to check if there was a reason for that or if Resideo just ran out of time to implement a local sensor based weather compensation, which would have been quite useful.