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Thread: Anyone using Domoticz with Evohome OT + Outdoor Temperature + HGI80 (or similar)

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    I do see a value at least for debugging purposes.

    My DHW is not controlled by Evohome, but directly by my boiler, so it can make sense to know when the boiler is actually heating for CH or for the DHW.
    Same goes for the Fault status, even if I suppose it will be the same as the OEM Fault Code.

    Initially those details were displayed at home through the QAA temp sensor, reporting the status of the Boiler.
    Evohome is not doing so. It's not displaying back anything from the Boiler.
    It's not a good thing as you cannot know for sure if there is a fault or something happening on the boiler.

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    OK grab the latest Beta and let me know how you get on. I am now processing all the OT Status flags, like the OTGW, even if some might not be relevant for the Evohome implementation of OT. But you now have a Switch device that can detect when the CH is on, when the flame is On, when there is an error etc. You can use that to then trigger other actions.

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