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Thread: Evohome / RAMSES-II protocol - device type 31?

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    Default Evohome / RAMSES-II protocol - device type 31?


    This may be more of a question for @rameses but if anyone on here knows the answer I'd be grateful!

    I've been playing around with Home Assistant and a 3rd party integration to connect it directly with Evohome using an HGI80. It's all working just fine, but there's a curious device that's being picked up in the log. Device ID type '31':

    2021-02-25T08:17:07.775330 078 RQ --- 31:004811 13:077615 --:------ 3EF1 001 00
    2021-02-25T08:17:07.790084 072 RP --- 13:077615 31:004811 --:------ 3EF1 007 0000380038C8FF

    It only ever appears in RQ and RP messages talking to a '13' device, which is either a BDR91 or an HG60ng, not sure which... but seeing as I have two BDR91s and one HC60ng, and it only appears in connection with one of them then I can make a guess at the most likely device it's talking to is the HC60ng, but that is just a guess.

    Every single other component in my system has been accounted for in terms of what's been reported by the logs (touch controller, 10x HR92, 1x HW, 2xBDR91, 1xHC60, 2xY87RF).

    Any clues? This wiki page has most of the Device IDs recorded, but a 'Dunno' against 31!
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