Hi all,

I noticed how little chatter there seems to be about using evohome with heat pumps. I thought it would be interesting to share information from those of us that do (there are some of us out there!). With heat pumps becoming more and more the norm, it would be useful to share good (and bad?) practice for heat pump system setup and optimisation with evohome.
So, I've got a few questions to help share relevant information:

  1. What type of heat pump - ASHP, GSHP, WSHP, EAHP?
  2. Make / model of heat pump
  3. Heat pump controller make / model (if known, or separate to HP)
  4. Heat pump compressor type - fixed speed or inverter
  5. Buffer yes/no? If yes, buffer size and configuration - 2 (balanced/unbalanced), 3 or 4 pipe
  6. Direct heat pump control by evohome, or not?
  7. Number of evohome zones?
  8. Type of zones and quantity - TRV, UFH, Zone valve, other
  9. Typical daytime/nightime setbacks across zones?
  10. DHW provided by heat pump? If yes, hot water control by evo or heat pump controller?
  11. If valves used for heating and/or DHW, 2 port, 3 port diverter, 3 port mixer (eg Y plan type)?
  12. Heat pump controller settings - room control?
  13. Heat pump controller settings - other configuration changes?
  14. Property type, and approx floor area - flat/apartment/terraced/townhouse/semi/detached/bungalow/other
  15. Other relevant information, comments and observations

Hope this proves useful catalyst to information exchange for those using heat pumps with evo and those going that way in the future.