Had a bizarre failure that I'm sure someone better able than me might explain. Evo has been working near faultlessly for me now for a few years especially when I stopped interfering. Largeish house but comms have been rock solid, batteries are fresh. I even follow DB's brilliant advice on the display battery workaround and that gives me 75mins+ life when it's off power. The TRVs are less than 30 months old and seem happy. I'm on latest firmware and, as I say, things have been excellent for me.
This evening one zone unusually was proving slow to heat. Evotouch was showing the zone calling for heat but the relay was out. I pulled the batteries on the display in hope of causing a soft reboot and eventually the zones all reconnected again reporting what felt to be roughly correct temperatures. The only problem is that the zones have all been re-christened eg spare room 1 etc The schedules seem to be in place if I only knew which zones they related to. My assumption is that it was a comms breakdown between the display and one of the relays but when the valves are individually adjusted things respond fast. Is it a bizarre 868 conflict with one or two other sensors in the house? They are all away from the direct firing line but I'm at a loss. Everything has been completely stable since last summer.