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Iíd always recommend using OpenTherm if you can, sounds like your installer is not familiar with its benefits.
I have found many installers, indeed if not most, are completely unfamiliar with the actual setup and running of a system. Installing the boiler fine, but today with system controls we have there are the niceties of it running at its plus 90% efficiency that are not known about. Things like for example, not checking if the mains water pressure is to high or indeed too low, checking the size of boiler needed, checking of the size of the expansion vessel when the system is used at various temperatures is adequate for the house, knowing where to wire controls such as Evohome, how OpenTherm works. I know of one Independant site whose researches ascertained that over 90% of installers do not set an installed system up correctly to enable it to be 90% + efficient. For central heating purposes boilers donít have to have a massive kW rating.

Yesterday I was told the story of a chapís neighbour whose installer advised he needed a combi boiler to replace his existing one. The house is a 5 bedroom, stone built property with 3 bathrooms. Even I know he will struggle. No mention of a system tank for the size of property. The house still did not seem to get warm so the same installer advised they needed to replace the radiators. From what was described to me the installer had no knowledge of system needs, balancing and usage. The cost to the person of all this so far is £9,000.

Thus I believe that manufacturers need to do a lot more with the installers to ensure they properly understand what they are installing and how to set it up. You would not install a car engine and walk away without ensuring it runs properly!