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Thread: What Am I Missing?

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    Default What Am I Missing?

    Not wanting to tempt fate, but my Windows XP machine in the garage has been beavering away for over a decade now running Cortex. It had new hard drive a couple of years back as it became a bit noisy (i was able to clone it). Plus it's had a new power supply about a year ago after the original one it went pop. But other than that it's rock solid.

    I'm still running Cortex version 27.2.12. So I'm keen to know what am I missing by not upgrading to a newer W10 version of Cortex?


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    stick with it, is my advice ...


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    Cortex W10 was a comprehensive re-write of the underlying code in order to provide compatibility with Windows 10. So it was initially more a different application (suited to Windows 10 platforms) than an upgrade. It was also thereafter the route for any new features and incremental improvements to existing objects. This means that if you move to a Windows 10 platform then you are best moving to Cortex W10. Also revisions to the module hardware currently being rolled out will mean some new variant modules will not be fully supported by Cortex V27. Other differences include: support of RTSP/RTMP and H.264 camera streams, support for the Philips Hue lighting system, additional logic gates and functions, improvements to the Web API and a whole host of other subtleties which you probably may not notice until looking for something specific. As a measure of activity the most recent development update was 3rd of March 2021 (don't get too excited - bug fix).

    In a nutshell, nothing wrong with carrying on with V27 and Windows XP if it is working for you, but if you want to move platforms or explore some new avenues then at some point you will need to use Cortex W10 instead. Please note that it is literally a different application (with different licensing) so it does not 'upgrade' Cortex V27 and can even be run at the same time as Cortex V27 on the same PC - though obviously not both running the same physical network.

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