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    Default (New) cool mode in Evohome

    Are there any users here who have Evohome connected to a heatpump with the ability to cool as well?

    This year (before summer ) I want to use Evohome to switch on the cool mode of the Heatpump. So it was good news last year that heatpump control is added to Evohome. Especially the heat/cool function was welcome.
    Since the heatpump and heat/cool function is quite new, I have the feeling that the manuals by Honeywell are not describing everything (yet).

    My system setup is:
    * Honeywell Evohome, firmware
    * 2 HCE80 to control floorheating
    * Evohome for now configured with: heating with a BDR91 and cooling with a BDR91T
    * House with floorheating on all floors
    * Remeha Elga Ace Heatpump 6 kW, this is a hybrid one so the boiler is switched on if needed (which is hardly ever, mostly seen during defrosts)

    My questions are concerning cooling:
    1. The HCE-80 has the option to be switched into cooling mode; by configuration first, and then by a on/off contact to "tell" if heating or cooling is on. For this cooling mode the HCE-80 can (or must?) be configured with an additional thermostat to control the cooling temperature. At the moment it is unclear for me, if with the new Evohome firmware this additional thermostat for cooling is still needed?

    2. After adding the new BDR91T1004 as a device to control heating/cooling the Evohome menu gets the option to switch between heating and cooling. After switching to cooling the Evohome shows a cooling symbol for each room and a different set temperature for cooling. For now I am using the old BDR91 for heating-control and the new BDR91T(1004) for cooling-control. This seems to work nicely: in heating mode the BDR91 switches on and after switching to cooling mode the BDR91 (heating) switches off and the BDR91T (cooling) switches on. For now I have not yet configured the HCE80 for cooling, will do so somewhere the next weeks (haven't had the time yet). I was a bit surprised however that the BDR91 (heating) switched on after a few minutes as well. I was not expecting that both would give an on signal; I would expect either a heat request or a cool request, not both together? Is this normal behaviour, or might this be because (a) I have not configured the HCE80 for for cooling yet or (b) because I am using a BDR91 together with the BDR91T?

    3. Is Evohome with the latest firmware in cooling mode supposed to control all zones with the existing room thermostats? That would be most intuitive; a set room temperature at 20 degrees Celsius should lead to cooling if the temperature is (much) too high or heating if the temperature is too low. Or should I still assign cooling zones to the HCE80 with a seperate thermostat for the cooling temperature? (this question is a bit similar to my 1st)

    Thanks for thinking with me!

    Edit 10 June 2021:
    Questions answered! See this post:
    1. With the new Evohome Firmware (released end 2020) the HCE-80 can use the Evohome (and connected room thermostats) for both heating and cooling
    2. This is normal
    3. With this new Evohome Firmware one thermostat per room is sufficient. The same thermostat is used in both heating and cooling mode. There is no need of an additional thermostat per room or per HCE80 to control cooling.
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