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Why would one want a room at a higher temperature because it is colder outside? Surely if you have a room set at say 20c or 21c and that is what you are comfortable with you don’t need to have the room at a higher temperature because you heating will heat to the temperature you have programmed and are comfortable with. In extreme conditions the outside temperature, if the option is set, may bring the heating on a little sooner but turning it up seems an odd thing for it to do if the outside temperature goes up then the heating will not come on anyway if the set temperature has been reached
When we had the room temp set before smart weather, the room would feel cold on cold days even though it said it was at the correct temp.
Now on cold days the room goes to a slightly higher temp and feels warm like how we like it.
When it is not so cold outside the room heats to the normal set temp and feels fine.
I believe it is trying to compensate for the heat loss on cold days to try and maintain your room at the temp you like it to be at.
The smart weather will not bring the heating on earlier but heat the room up to a higher temp to try to compensate for the cold outside, it is the optimisation option that will allow the heating to come on earlier to try and get the room up to temperature at the time you have said you want your heating on.
If you set optimisation to say 1 hour, if you normally have your heating come on at 5pm, the system will start heating that room anytime from 4pm to try and get the room up to temp for 5pm.
All the smart weather does is increase the required room temp by however many degrees you have set in the options.
If you have a newer more energy efficient, less draughty house you may not need the smart weather but in older houses it may help to keep the room at a comfortable temp.