Good Morning,

I Installed EVoHome a few years ago now and i have a very basic install - BRD91 on the Combi Boiler for heating control, HR92 on all rads and a EVOHome wifi base
The hot water has no timer at all and is just always on - unless I manually switch it off on the boiler

Now my old man is wanting to use install EVOHome in his house - But its a little more complex than what i have - So i'm looking for some advice.

He has a Worchester 18hxi High Efficiency Condensing Boiler
8 Rads
Looks like 2 External Valves for directing heat to the Heating or the Hot Water Cylinder

My Guess (from a little googling) is this is an S-Plan Setup
Is this easy for Setup?
Other than a handful of HR92s, and EVOHome Controller, a Hot Water Kit
How Many BRDs would i Need? One for the boiler, One for Each Valve? Will i need new valves or can i use whats there?

Excuse the complete lack of Knowledge but i'll do my best to pick up all the possible issues before rushing in and buying.

Thank in Advance