This is a long shot... almost worth not typing but you never know!

I've just bought a Honeywell T6 smart thermostat - sold as 'untested; spares or repair' and I can see why! The receiver doesn't have any terminal blocks to wire to as seen (or not!) below:

I have managed to lash up some crocodile clipped wires to test it in a fashion that'd give an NICEIC inspector sleepless nights and whilst it confirms everything works it's not an ideal permanent solution.

I was wondering: does anyone happy to recognise the terminal blocks that Honeywell use from these views taken off the web:

I think they're known as 'pluggable' terminal blocks by virtue of the fact that they accept metal pins from the receiver lid that make contact as they insert when the lid is enclosed. They appear to be just clipped in.

If I can't find them it's not the end of the world - I can either lash something up or, if I'm not keeping it (this was part of the reason for taking a punt - I want to see how good/usable the kit is having been quite unimpressed by the Nest equivalent) I can always sell just the transmitter on and not be out of pocket.