Hi, I've just had an Intergas Eco RF 36 installed. I 'm trying to connect my evohome to it via an Opentherm bridge. I've connected the bridge to terminals 11 and 12 on the boiler but I can't get the bridge to bind with my Evohome. I keep getting 1 red light followed by 3 green. I've reset the bridge using the 15 seconds then 5 seconds press with the button but it still won't connect. The weird thing with the evohome is that if I try to connect to a BDR91 relay that I had on my old boiler it keeps saying the binding has been successful when its impossible for it to connect to it as its lying in a box with no power going to it. I keep getting a binding successful message whenever I try to connect the Opentherm Bridge as well. I've factory reset the Evohome and also removed the batteries for half an hour but its still doing the same. Is the Evohome faulty? The model is ATC928G3000.